Stardust Fairies

Stardust Fairies

Igniting the magical seed of imagination & sparklaciousness

Party Packages

Woodland Faery Party

Faery Emma will treat guests to magical interactive storytelling, an energetic giggle dance, rainbow ziggle wishes, forest face painting and a crazy starzumble treasure hunt. The package includes a Stardust Fairies Memory Book, fairy invites and a personalised gift for the birthday child One and two hour options available.

Witchy Poo Spell Party

Tricky Wicky Witch will enchant guests with interactive story play, spooky dance, spell making, a treasure hunt and Spooky Poo glitter faces. The package includes a little witch present handmade spell pouch, glitter potion bottles, chalk spell board and a Spell Memory Book.

Sparkalicious Unicorn Party

A unicorn theme package presented by Faery Emma featuring interactive story play, unicorn races, a unicorn wrangling dance, treasure hunt and sparkalicious glitter faces. The packages includes a Little Unicorn present handmade Unicorn dust flight necklace, spell ring & illustrated fairy picture framed, Spell Memory Book and Unicorn Invites.

About Me

In the magical glistening autumn of 1996, a little seed sprouted from the chocolate muddy fairy earth. On this very whimscical day Faery Emma from Starzumble land was born.

Upcoming Events

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Faery Emma brought magic, sparkles and lots of joy to Grace’s birthday party. She was a big hit with everyone from the 5/6 yr older boys to Grace and her friends (aged 3). Would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to bring something extra special to a birthday celebration.
Alex Willcocks
We had Faery Emma at our son’s 3rd birthday yesterday (dinosaur themed). To say she was amazing would be an understatement. From the moment she walked in the door, she captivated all the children of various ages and held their attention for an hour and a half.
Kate Kwijas
Faery Emma is AWESOME! Our girls love her and will always want their face painted by her, so it was only natural to have her at our daughters 3rd birthday party! Every child and adult loved her! She has such enthusiasm and pizazz that you can’t be helped being swept away into her magical fairy stories!
Jen Brown

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